How to Run the DirectX Cube Sample

Before You Begin

  1. Download and install the latest GenvidSDK.
  2. Install the Genvid Toolbox scripts.
  3. Install the Genvid supervisor services.

Run the DirectX Application

  1. Clean and load the project configuration.

    genvid-sdk setup # Make sure the local cluster is created.
    genvid-sdk clean-config # Clean old config in case of existing cluster.
    genvid-sdk load-config-sdk # Configure the basic services for the SDK.
  2. Go to the /samples/cube/web directory.

  3. Generate and load the cube web sample to be able to view the streaming session.

    py build
    py load
  4. Go to the /samples/cube/directx directory.

  5. Copy the Genvid files used to build the project.

    py prepare
  6. Build the project and the website.

    py build
  7. Load the DirectX configuration.

    py load
  8. Launch the Cluster UI.

    genvid-sdk monitor
  9. Click the Jobs tab.

  10. Click START ALL.

    This starts the following jobs:

    • services
    • directx application
    • web

    You can also start the services individually.

    The links become active after the job status changes to running.

  11. Click CUBE SAMPLE in the Links section to launch the website.

  12. When finished, click STOP ALL to stop all the services.