March 28, 2023

SDK 1.44 : Divide and Conquer.

Toolbox and SDK Installers

As of the 1.44 release, we’ve divided distribution into two separated packages:

Genvid Toolbox: This package allows you to deploy and control the resources required to run a
MILE on a cloud infrastructure or locally, and is a prerequisite for installing the SDK.

Genvid MILE SDK: This package contains the necessary components to develop both in the
rendering engine and in your web counterpart, as well as the components required to stream
between them and to the OVP of your choice.

Separating the SDK and Toolbox packages and introducing independent releases allows for
differing release cadences and more selective upgrades.

Removal of the SDK selector

Due to an issue with the functionality, we removed the SDK Selector from the Unity and
Unreal plugins.

For a full list of all the updates in this version, see the full
Genvid Toolbox 1.44.0 release notes and Genvid SDK 1.44.0 release notes.