August 11, 2021

SDK 1.30 – Run a MILE at your own tempo.

When streaming to your favorite online video platform, the framerate is the heartbeat of your creation. With the Genvid SDK 1.30, you can now control the framerate of your output independently of the input from within the Cluster UI.

This step is a cornerstone to multiple inputs so keep an eye out for more to come.

Acting on your feedback

We got your feedback and put it to good use. With this release, you will see a new look in the intro and table of contents of our documentation. New sections will be introduced in coming versions and a new Quick Start guide will provide the essentials to get you up, running and on your way to your next MILE.

For a full list of all the updates in this version, see the full Genvid SDK 1.30.0 release notes.