January 25, 2022

Genvid MILE SDK 1.33 – Streamlining the MILE Maker

Configure Your Settings in Studio

In striving to bring you simple, user-friendly tools you’ll love to use, we keep improving our beta version of Studio. With the version 1.33, you can now adjust your settings directly from the Studio interface and get the best possible experience.

Better Toolbox Management

We have considerable updates to our toolbox, deprecating duplicate commands, trimming our dependencies and adding new commands to help you get ready for your next MILE in a flash.

You can now get Microsoft Azure CLI directly from the installer, which gives you the freedom to select only the components you need. 

Additional Improvements

When you use YouTube as your Online Video Platform, the Web player now reloads automatically when a new broadcast is triggered even if the VideoID changes.

We also now officially support Unreal 4.27.

If you want to know more about the fixes and enhancements in this version, consult the Genvid MILE SDK 1.33.0 release notes.