On Stage

Project Monarch | Times Square | Live Gaming Event | Genvid, Intel & Streamline

The successful two-day test was held September 8 and 9 on the Mega Screen in Times Square, and featured a custom adaptation of Streamline’s hit game “Bake ‘n Switch” in which two players were assisted by up to six viewers, who impacted the gameplay by using their own mobile phones to jump on the interactive livestream instantly – no download or installs necessary.

DevCom 2021

Genvid technical evangelist Felipe Budinich’s Master Class on How To Run Your First Mile

BeyondGames.biz – July 2021

Chris Cataldi on How GENVID Is Driving The Rise Of Interactive Streaming

LightShed Live – March 1 2021

LightShed Live: Genvid Tech’s Jacob Navok, March 1, 2021


How to Build the Metaverse

The Metaverse

Virtual Discussion with Matthew Ball and Jacob Navok

Play NYC 2020

Genvid CEO Jacob Navok and Veteran Games Journalist Brian Crecente Discuss the Future of Livestreaming From a Viewer Perspective

NAB 2020

GameLab20: Genvid CEO Jacob Navok discusses cloud gaming perspectives with Mike Fischer and Asher Kagan

PocketGamer Connects 2020

Genvid COO Chris Cataldi Details Interactive Streaming & the Future of Gaming

Genvid Advisor Panel

Genvid’s CEO, COO and Advisory Board Members Discuss The Future of Cloud Gaming, Interactive Streaming, and the Metaverse

PocketGamer Connects 2019

COO Chris Cataldi on Interactive Streaming & the Future of Esports

GDC 2019

CEO Jacob Navok Describes Interactive Streaming and the Future of Media

2018 Montgomery Summit

CEO Jacob Navok Details Interactive Livestreaming for Esports

4C Conference 2018

COO Chris Cataldi Envisions The Next Generation of Gaming