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New Genvid SDK 1.9 Release – Making the Cloud easier and a new Unreal Engine sample!

Today we are happy to announce The Genvid SDK latest release version 1.9.0.!

This release is focused on small improvements to make development in the cloud environment easier for developers. We now properly support reverse proxy through the Bastion API for all our Cluster APIs, including the web sites, making it easier to deploy on AWS. Our engine plugins are also now able to connect to the remote cluster, giving you control and real-time information to the game you are running, in the cloud, directly in the game editor window!

Additionally, we have modified our web SDK to add support from recent modules technology in JavaScript. This gives us the ability to run our API directly inside node.js, and to create a small sample that simulate multiple web clients hitting your servers, perfect to load test your web site!

For those using our Ingest server, and have observed a noticeable delay between their streaming client and the game stream, we have added the capacity to add a small delay allowing both streams to be synchronized for the viewers of your stream.

Finally, we have a new original smaller sample for Unreal Engine, which is better integrated with the original source code from Unreal Engine 4.15 to 4.18, allowing you to integrate and test our Plugin quicker than ever.


For a detailed list of the existing and upcoming features, please view our complete release notes.