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Genvid Team and Leadership

Leadership Team

Jacob Navok

Jacob was Senior Vice President at Shinra Technologies, Inc. and Director of Business Development at Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd.

Chris Cataldi

Chris was Director of Business Development at Shinra Technologies, Inc. Previously he focused on R&D management, tech marketing strategy consulting for large Japanese tech firms.

Fabien Niñoles

Fabien was Director of Technology at Shinra Technologies, Inc. Before that he was Game Programmer at Eidos Montreal and Ubisoft, Developer Multimedia at Max-T Inc, and Consultant.

Yoichi Wada

Yoichi was the President of Shinra Technologies, Inc. & the CEO of Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd.

Jocelyn Houle

Jocelyn was a Team Lead at Shinra Technologies, Inc., programmer at various game studios, and started doing hardware at ATI, where he was instrumental at delivering the Texture Pipe, notably for the Xbox 360.

Matthew Ball

Matthew Ball is Managing Partner of Epyllion Industries and a Venture Partner at Makers Fund. He was previously Head of Strategy at Amazon Studios and a director at the Chernin Group.

Anna Sweet

Anna spent 7 years at Valve leading gaming's transition to digital distribution on Steam, before joining Oculus to run content strategy. Since then she advises start-ups and venture funds on the gaming industry.

JT Gleason

Jt Gleason was an early Twitch employee where he spent 8 years working on the future of interactive streaming technologies, growing esports viewership, and leading the Twitch Developer Relations team.