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Genvid SDK 1.8 Released – New Features Inside!

Today we are happy to announce The Genvid SDK latest release version 1.8.0. Many new features and updates are available!

RTMP Ingest

A long requested feature: send any video into Genvid Compose. OBS, Xsplit, you name it. A new RTMP Ingest Server gives you the ability to link your existing video output into the video stream and mix video and audio in realtime.

Also, you can now have multi-stream with Picture in Picture, for both video and data! Show your audience multiple streams to engage them even more in the action!

New Unity Feature: HUDless Streaming

We decided to update our Unity3D sample to demonstrate how to show your viewers the action without displaying the application HUD.  Create any camera you want and stream what you really want to show to your viewers without removing the comfort of controlling your game through your HUD.

Easier Development

Developing your game no longer needs to rely on third-party streaming services like Twitch or Youtube. Start developing directly from your local environment instead.

Metrics Sample

For those who like splendid graphs and numbers to show the performance of your system, we have added an example of how to plug the TICK OpenSource Time Series Platform into our Genvid cluster.  Feel free to adapt it to your favourite solution!

For a detailed list of the existing and upcoming features, please view our complete release notes.