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Genvid SDK 1.24 – Cloud Deployment and SDK Stability

The 1.24.0 release is the result of many weeks of general improvements, focusing on stabilizing and upgrading the different elements of our stack. With even more projects using the Genvid SDK being announced in the coming months, we’re addressing the needs of our clients, matching industry standards, and meeting new requirements of the different live services and platforms we support.

Read on for a summary of major improvements in this release.

Azure Cloud Platform

We continue to improve our support for Azure deployment by adding the genvid-azure-image command to import base images more quickly when creating cloud environments. We also replaced Ubuntu support on Azure Server images with Debian 10 support.

AWS Cloud Platform

We added support for G4 machines and upgraded our game base-image to Windows Server 2019. You can now also define the subnets corresponding to the availability zones you want to deploy to and the different components of your clusters will be spread to these AZs accordingly.

SSL Support

To meet the new standards on both different Live Streaming APIs and browsers, we improved our support of SSL for all our samples and services. The samples section of our documentation has also been revamped to reflect these changes and better guide you through the integration process.

Remote GUI (beta)

The RemoteGUI preview sample is a new debugging tool which provides live visual information about our encoding pipeline. It will help you troubleshoot and identify more precisely any bottlenecks when issues occur in the live stream compositions.

For a full list of all the updates in this version, see the full Genvid SDK 1.24.0 release notes.