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Genvid SDK 1.22 – Bandwidth Optimizations and Azure Preview

We care about your wallet

In an initial optimization phase, we have reduced our protocol overhead between the servers and the web client by up to 70%.  The exact amount can vary depending on your usage of the SDK. Additionally, we are preparing a guide to help you reduce your bandwidth bill.

The latest terraforming technology at your disposal

In this release, we have also upgraded Terraform to version 0.12. For full release details on this version, please see the announcement page on their website.

The dawn is blue with Genvid, Azure blue

We are happy to announce that we have expanded our Cloud support to include a Microsoft Azure preview feature. The current SDK will allow you to deploy clusters onto Azure the same way that you would with AWS. Please be aware that this current version has limitations. You may refer to our documentation to know more.

For more information about Microsoft Azure and to start setting up your account, please visit their website at: .

For a list of the existing and upcoming features, please view our complete release notes.