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Genvid SDK 1.14.0 – Google Chrome Autoplay, Terraform Modules Refactoring, and External Binaries Update

Applying Google Chrome Autoplay Best Practices for our samples

The autoplay policy change in the latest Google Chrome came right around the timing of our last release. We were able to adapt our API to set autoplay by default on our players, but we required a bit more time with the new browser to figure out the best way to handle this for our users.  Experimentation lead us to select the “muted autoplay” behavior for our samples as a default, but we do not impose this upon you.  The changes required to your website to have “muted autoplay” are minimal.

Genvid Terraform Modules Refactoring

To better address our needs as well as the needs of our users, the Terraform Modules have been reworked to be more configurable and composable. That way, you can customize the clusters through Terraform variables and join them together, reusing components. Check “Terraform Configuration” in the documentation for more information.

External binaries updated

Most Hashicorp and related binaries have been updated to their more recent versions. With Consul now at version 1.1.0, Vault 0.10.1 and Terraform 0.11.7, these fantastic products will allow us to bring more features and stability in operating your Genvid Cluster.  The new version of Consul is a major upgrade, switching from a pre-release protocol to protocol version 3.  Be sure to follow our upgrade instructions to avoid losing your Bastion Settings.


For a detailed list of the existing and upcoming features, please view our complete release notes.