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Genvid SDK 1.12.0 – New Plugins, UI Improvements, and More

For this latest release, the Genvid SDK 1.12.0, here are some of the larger components we worked on!

New Genvid Unity Package

Based on the feedback of our users, we now provide a binary version of our plugin and include it in our Genvid Unity Package. This package includes all the plugins, libraries, and scripts necessary for integrating Genvid into your game, and includes Unity Editor tools to help your development with Genvid.

New Genvid Unreal Engine Plugin

To prepare ourselves for new features coming, and keep in line with the user experience offered by the Genvid Unity Plugin, we have updated the Unreal Engine Plugin with a new, easier to use, Blueprint integration.  Although we still provide backward compatibility for the old plugin, we hope that the simple usability of the new plugin architecture will encourage you to upgrade.

Major improvements in our UIs

We have made many improvements in our UIs. Among them, you can now find the same jobs and logs API in the Bastion API service. Along with showing the services running in the Bastion Environment, you can now add your own jobs.

We also added a new Configuration section in the Cluster API, which lets you directly edit your configuration keys without resorting to the command line or Consul-UI.

Finally, our Studio can now save and restore dashboards you create so they can be used by others.

Minor changes and other fixes

We also focused on fixing multiple bugs to bring you greater stability as a whole.  These fixes include the Genvid Streaming API and Services, Genvid Toolbox API and UI, as well as Samples and Engine Plugins.

For a detailed list of the existing and upcoming features, please view our complete release notes.