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Genvid SDK 1.11.0 – Customizable Genvid Studio UI and New Unity Prefab Sample

In this release, Genvid SDK 1.11.0, we added a new customized experience to the Genvid Studio UI, along a New Unity Prefab Sample, and several other fixes.


Genvid Studio UI

The new features and improvements introduced into our Genvid Studio UI are a first step toward a more personalized experience by allowing users to customize their unique layout. You can edit the Genvid Studio UI layout to be oriented the way you want. In addition, you can create multiple customized layout profiles and switch between them with ease by selecting a profile from a drop-down menu.

New video transitions have been added to the video mixer feature to add an extra layer of broadcasting effect, enhancing the viewing experience for your spectators.


New Unity Prefab Sample

Based on the feedback of our users, we developed a new Unity Sample, with a cleaner and simpler Prefab. Those who still prefer the old sample can still used it but we hope that the new sample will make an initial integration with Unity easier. As a reminder, deploying Unity to servers requires a license from Unity.


Additional Fixes

We also have many minor fixes and improvements. In particular, those of you who are running a Genvid Bastion system remotely will appreciate the new GENVID_BASTION_URL environment variable which allows our Toolbox to access it without hurdles.


For a detailed list of the existing and upcoming features, please view our complete release notes.