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Genvid SDK 1.10.0 – Improved Cluster UI, Studio Features, and More!!

In this release, our last before the holidays, we are happy to be delivering many new updates and fixes in the Genvid SDK 1.10.0.

See you in the New Year!


Studio Synchronization and Chroma Key Filter

You can now open multiple windows of our Studio application, giving you the control of your stream from multiple devices.

We have also added a new filter to our composition toolbox: the chroma key filter, better known as the green screen special effect. Integrate yourself or any other video directly in the scene with this new component.


Cluster Creation Flow and Settings Management

The new cluster creation flow makes it faster and easier to create and edit your clusters.  In addition, you now have the ability to manage jobs and logs definitions directly from the UI.


Unity Direct Sound Capture Plugin

Submit sound directly into the SDK instead of using the auto-capture on the speaker device. This feature avoids the previous problem of external sounds being included in your stream.  This is also now the default setup in our Unity3D sample.


Unreal Engine Viewport capture

We have added the capacity to capture from any UTexture in Unreal Engine.  This new feature comes with better support for streaming from the different Play Modes (PIE, Standalone and Simulate), and also allows you to select what is currently streaming while preserving the full display on screen.


For a detailed list of the existing and upcoming features, please view our complete release notes.