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Rival Peak was the world’s first purpose-built commercial MILE. Co-created by Genvid, Pipeworks Studios and DJ2 Entertainment for Facebook in just six months, Rival Peak and its accompanying wrap up show Rival Speak broadcast to millions of viewers around the world in several languages.

During the 12 weeks that Rival Peak was broadcast, running 24/7 around the world, our virtual contestants explored the mysteries of the mountain, solving puzzles and uncovering the sinister secrets of the company behind the ‘reality’ show, whilst simultaneously competing for the affections of the audience. As the foundations of their world become less certain and frictions grow, the group struggles to work together towards their goal as the eliminations come thick and fast.

While Rival Peak is no longer running, you can still see how the experience unfolded by checking out every episode of the Wil Wheaton-hosted companion show Rival Speak here!


“It’s like Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’…but on a much more massive scale.”
Dean Takahashi: Editor in Chief, VentureBeat

“If you’re looking for unique, however, Rival Peak is the real deal; a sui generis fusion of video game, livestream and reality tv show, supported by cutting-edge technology and hosted on the world’s biggest social platform.”
Matthew Handrahan: Editor in Chief, GamesIndustry.biz

“This may also be the first preview of what future entertainment efforts could entail.”
Gene Park: Washington Post

Rival Peak involved 13 simultaneous, persistent, interactive livestreams broadcasting the activities of a dozen AI-driven “contestants” on a simulated reality television show. Viewers were able to impact the contestants and their environs in real time via an interactive overlay on the livestreams – offering the chance to affect various factors such as voting on tomorrow’s weather, helping or hindering the AI characters in a range of decisions and projects, or solving in-game puzzles. Audience interactions contributed points to each contestant’s cumulative score, which in turn was used to determine the weekly elimination of a contestant.

“Our goal with Rival Peak and Speak was to create an altogether new entertainment experience that merges lean-back entertainment  with interactive entertainment. Facebook has been an incredible partner in this process. Using their platform we were able to seamlessly weave a global, mobile-first experience across livestreaming, VOD and games that could reach tens of millions. This tremendous success is a palpable proof of concept for this new entertainment format, and we’re already looking forward to running even bigger MILEs with major partners that will be announced in the future.” 

Jacob Navok, CEO, co-founder of Genvid and the showrunner for Rival Peak.

“I’m genuinely proud of the way we ramped up from project proposal, to concept, to execution/production so quickly and so well. Our entire team – including the writers, the talent, and our director – appreciates the opportunity to contribute to the success of this ambitious multi-company collaboration.”

Dmitri M. Johnson, CEO of DJ2.

“While we are game developers at Pipeworks, at our core we are creators and inventors. Not too long ago, we wondered how we could leverage the groundbreaking work we were doing in emergent AI and social broadcasting to create a uniquely interactive live experience. From there, Rival Peak was born, brought to life with Genvid’s unrivalled interactive streaming tech and DJ2’s tremendous storytelling abilities.” 

Lindsay Gupton, CEO at Pipeworks Studios. 

Rival Peak was the first of its kind – discover more about how we helped to make it happen

For an overview of insights and learnings from the show, check out the essays from Jacob Navok, Genvid co-founder and CEO (and Rival Peak’s showrunner), on his Medium page.

For deep dives into numerous aspects of Rival Peak’s development and operations, there are half a dozen developer diary articles on this page of our site, and to see some of the great things leading press outlets have said about the show and underlying technology, visit our press page.

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