How often have you hidden behind your fingers, shouting at a character in a slasher movie as they naively split up from the main group and head down into that dark, blood-slicked cellar in the spooky cabin all alone? Well, now you can actually make a difference, and it could be a matter of life and death!

Project Raven is a prototype project which illustrates what we think is possible with MILEs in the near future: more ambitious, interactive and featuring well-known IP. It’s a working concept which is currently under development – we hope to show you more soon!

Watch the concept trailer above and find out more from our co-founder Jacob Navok in his latest Medium essay.

“The success of Rival Peak has accelerated our plans and growth dramatically, with dozens of major IP holders, streaming and social media platforms, and other global brands seeking to create MILEs around their properties,” said Jacob Navok, CEO and co-founder of Genvid. “They recognize the opportunity to build new entertainment experiences that merge lean-back entertainment (TV and livestreaming) with interactive entertainment (games) to both grow fan bases substantially and further monetize existing fans. We’re excited to announce partners and IP licenses in the coming months.”


Our technology works on all major engines and video streaming platforms.

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