Introducing PAC-MAN™ COMMUNITY, a super social reimagining of the all-time arcade classic designed to bring generations of people on Facebook together in one of the most beloved video games of all time. Produced in partnership with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and developer Early Cross, PAC-MAN COMMUNITY is free and exclusively available on Facebook Gaming as an Instant Game that creates rich social interactions between Facebook’s global audience. Play, watch, and connect with PAC-MAN™ like never before in the world’s biggest communal arcade experience. Get a deeper dive into the game and its continued evolution from Genvid CEO and co-founder Jacob Navok in his latest Medium essay.


Play Mode offers a range of gameplay options from the original classic PAC-MAN to the real-time co-op Community Mode where players or Facebook Gaming creators invite up to three friends or community members to play along with them through an endless mix of pre-selected mazes and user-created mazes. You can also host or play quick matches on mazes you or others have designed.


Create Mode’s super slick, mobile-optimized maze creator lets anyone easily generate their own custom mazes, which are shareable with their friends AND the entire community. This creative tool goes beyond simple sharing, as user-built mazes can also be featured in the special 24/7 Watch Mode, where they’ll be rendered in 3D and streamed worldwide.


Join in the world’s biggest collective arcade experience in Watch Mode, a 24/7 massively interactive live event (MILE) that pulls mazes from the community and renders them in 3D, letting the audience buff AI PAC-MAN or the ghosts in a perpetual battle for maze mastery. As viewers collectively participate they will unlock achievements (coming soon) that offer new features and tools in Create Mode.


It’s easy for Facebook Gaming creators to invite their fans to join their matches. By using the Feature Link on Facebook Live, creators can bring audience members directly into their game session in real time to help in clearing mazes. With no additional downloads or installs, viewers are able to instantly join in on the fun with just a simple tap.


Published by Genvid Entertainment, PAC-MAN COMMUNITY is a free, multiplayer instant game that runs on a wide range of mobile and desktop devices, no download or installation needed, with only a modest internet connection required to play the game.

Just the Start

PAC-MAN COMMUNITY is still in Beta, so more features will be coming soon. From new tools and effects in the maze maker to more ways for the community to instantly impact streamers’ gameplay while viewing, additional fun, social elements will be integrated in the months ahead!

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