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A genre defining MILE that brings PvE and PvP together with PvV (player vs viewer) exclusively created for Genvid by Nitro Studios. Battle Blast Heroes is a team-based multiplayer third-person shooter that pits four teams of three players against each other competing for points by killing the Nemesis NPC robots, enemy players and controlling fallen crystals. Viewers can follow their favorite teams and players from a number of different camera views as well as join in the fun by collecting “scrap” and spawning Nemesis robots into three different zones in the game.

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“It was exciting working on this ground-breaking game design. The interplay between players and viewers is intriguing and will help us reach new audiences, moreover it was fun for the team to tackle the challenges of adding the PvV element into the game.”

Leo Kihlman: Director of External Development, Nitro Games

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