class genvid.toolbox.SystemdInstaller(**kwargs)

Bases: LinuxServiceInstaller

Base ServiceInstaller for LinuxServiceInstaller under systemd.

NAME = 'systemd-installer'

The name of the logger for this tool. Must be redefined in children.

DESCRIPTION = 'Installation of services on Systemd Linux.'

A description of the tool, used in the help parser. Must be redefined in children.


alias of SystemdTool

BASE_COMMANDS = {'install': 'Install the service.', 'poststart': 'Do any post-start setup necessary.', 'prestart': 'Any updates to run before start.', 'reinstall': 'Reinstall the services.', 'restart': 'Restart a service.', 'start': 'Start an installed service.', 'status': 'Check the status of the service.', 'stop': 'Stop a service.', 'uninstall': 'Uninstall the service.'}

List of base commands and their help text for the service.