This class has been deprecated. Please use PackageArchiver instead.

class genvid.toolbox.PackageFactory(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: BaseTool

Deprecated since version 1.30.0: Deprecated in favor of PackageArchiver.

NAME = 'PackageFactory'

The name of the logger for this tool. Must be redefined in children.

static create(type)

Factory function to create package strategy objects.


type – Type of Strategy to be created.

If HierarchyPackage is passed as type, an object of HierarchyPackageStrategy will be returned whereas if FlattenPackage is passed, an object of FlattenPackageStrategy will be created.


Object of strategy requested.

:raises RuntimeError : If type passed is not supported.

create_package(directory_or_file: Union[Path, str], *, name: Optional[str] = None, version: str = 'dev', destination: Union[Path, str])

Create the zip for a directory or file.

  • directory_or_file – Path of the directory or file.

  • name – Name to be included in name of Zip.

  • version – Version to be included in name of Zip.

class package_factory.PackageFactory

Implementation of genvid.toolbox.PackageFactory