class genvid.toolbox.Manifest(stats: Optional[Iterable[FileStats]] = None)

Bases: dict

class Op(value)

Bases: Enum

An enum.Enum of the operations able to represent the difference between two manifests.

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Added = '+'
Updated = '*'
Deleted = '-'
Identical = '='

alias of tuple[Op, FileStats]

difference(manifest: ManifestType, *, allstats: bool = False) Iterable[tuple[genvid.toolbox.sync.Manifest.Op, genvid.toolbox.sync.FileStats]]

Compute the difference between two manifests. The difference is returned as a list of files and the associated operation to apply.

  • manifest – The manifest to compare to.

  • allstats – If all changes need to be returns. By default, only operations that change the files are returns.

find_match(fs: FileStats) Optional[FileStats]

Return a FileStats that matches the argument by checksum and size.


fs – The stats to match with.


The stats that match or None.

class sync.Manifest

Implementation of genvid.toolbox.Manifest

class sync.ManifestType

A TypeVar for genvid.toolbox.Manifest