class genvid.toolbox.LocalServiceInstaller(**kwargs)

Bases: ServiceInstaller

Installer for the local services.

NAME = 'local-service-installer'

The name of the logger for this tool. Must be redefined in children.

DESCRIPTION = 'Installation of supervisor services as background processes.'

A description of the tool, used in the help parser. Must be redefined in children.


alias of LocalService

SERVICE_CLASSES = {'consul': <class 'genvid.toolbox.localservice.LocalConsulService'>, 'nomad': <class 'genvid.toolbox.service.NomadService'>, 'vault': <class 'genvid.toolbox.service.VaultService'>}

The base class associated with each service.


Add service installer and Consul commands.

run_command(command, options)

Run command with those options.

You must override this method.

  • command – The name of the command to run.

  • options – A argparse.Namespace object with the options pass in arguments.

class localservice.LocalServiceInstaller

Implementation of genvid.toolbox.LocalServiceInstaller