An Azure Linux-instance setup for running as part of a HashiCorp stack.


  • azurerm


cluster (string)

Unique name to avoid conflict

datacenter (string)

Consul/Nomad datacenter

instance_class (string)

The class of work the instance has to be initialized for

instance_type (string)

The type of Azure Virtual Machine to use

key_data (string)

SSH public key

location (string)

Specifies the Azure Region. Changing this forces resources to be rebuild.

network_security_group_id (string)

Id of the security group

network_subnet_id (string)

Id of the subnet

resource_group_name (string)

Azure resource group name

shared_gallery_resource_group_name (string)

Shared Gallery Resource Group Name

admin_username (string)

SSH username

Default: gadmin

azs (list(number))


consul_address (list(string))

Address of the consul server

image_prefix (string)

Prefix of the server image.

New in version 1.27.0.

Default: genvidtech

instance_count (number)

Number of instances to instantiate

Default: 1

shared_gallery_image_version (string)

SDK Shared Image version, should be only one per Genvid SDK

Default: 1.42.0000

shared_gallery_name (string)

Shared Gallery Name

Default: SDK

tags (map(string))

Tags to be applied to all cloud resources.

toolbox_url (string)

Genvid Toolbox Wheel URL.

Only required if you need to update the one from the AMI. An empty value indicates to not install the toolbox.



‘Server’ workers admin username


Server shared image version id


List of ‘server’ workers network interfaces ids


List of ‘server’ workers private ips


List of ‘server’ workers public ips