A generic AWS Linux instance setup to run either as a HashiCorp node or server.


  • aws


  • terraform >= 0.12


cluster (string)

Unique name to avoid conflict

datacenter (string)

Consul/Nomad datacenter

instance_profile (string)

IAM instance profile to use

instance_type (string)

The type of EC2 instance to use

key_name (string)

The key name to use with the instance

private_key (string)

Your private key

server_class (string)

The type of work the server has to be initialized for

subnet_ids (list(string))

An ordered list of subnets that can be used. Empty means all.

New in version 1.24.0.

use_drive_encryption (bool)

If you want to have encrypted EBS, select true. If you do not want to have encypted EBS, or you are upgrading the SDK version from 1.24 or below to 1.25 or higher, select false.

WARNING: your drives will be recreated if you toggle this feature with existing drives. Prior to 1.25, the drives were not encrypted. Starting with version 1.25 the encryption is enabled by default.

vpc_security_group_ids (list(string))

A list of security group IDs to be attached to the instance

ami_version (string)

Version prefix of the AMIs (both game and genvid) to use (ex: 1.20.0 will match both 1.20.0 and versions).

In order to use an AMI with a version suffix, the whole version with the suffix must be specified (ex:

Default: 1.42.0

server_ami_owners (list(string))

The list of owners that a valid AMI can have. Default to the Genvid public account.

New in version 1.30.0.

Default: [‘149754531711’]

server_ami_prefix (string)

Prefix of the server AMI.

New in version 1.27.0.

Default: genvidtech

server_count (number)

Number of servers to instantiate

Default: 1

tags (map(string))

Tags to be applied to all cloud resources.

toolbox_url (string)

Genvid Toolbox Wheel URL.

Only required if you need to update the one from the AMI. An empty value indicates to not install the toolbox.