• azurerm (<= 2.54.0)


  • terraform >= 0.13

  • azuread ~> 1.0.0

  • azurerm <= 2.54.0

  • tls ~> 3.1.0


bastionid (string)

Id of this bastion instance

cluster (string)

Name of your cluster

trusted_cidr (string)

CIDR to be trusted. This should at least contain the external CIDR (<ip>/32) for the local machine. Otherwise, the provision and access to Consul/Nomad will fail.

admin_password (string)

The administrator password for the Windows machine. The Windows machine is only accessible from the other server instances and from other machines that share the same external IP as yours. That password must respect default Windows password complexity.

Default: 1Genvid6!

azs (list(number))

Specifies the list of availability zones to use. Azure makes zones 1, 2, and 3 available for use in all regions.Instances will be evenly spanned across specified zone, sequentially, starting at the first specific zone, and rolling over back to the first one when the end of the list is reached. 2

custom_tags (map(string))

Map of user defined tags to add to all cloud resources. 1 3

datacenter (string)

Consul/Nomad datacenter

Default: default

instance_encoding_count (number)

Number of internal workers to spawn

Default: 1

instance_encoding_type (string)

Type of Virtual Network to use for encoding servers

Default: Standard_F8s_v2

instance_game_count (number)

Number of game instances to spawn

Default: 1

instance_game_type (string)

Type of Virtual Network to use for game servers

Default: Standard_NV6

instance_internal_count (number)

Number of internal workers to spawn

Default: 2

instance_internal_type (string)

Type of Virtual Network to use for internal servers

Default: Standard_B2s

instance_public_count (number)

Number of public workers to spawn

Default: 1

instance_public_type (string)

Type of Virtual Network to use for public servers

Default: Standard_B2s

instance_server_count (number)

the number of supervisor servers. Must be an odd number. #It is usually 3 for production deployment.

Default: 1

instance_server_type (string)

Type of Virtual Network instance to use for admin servers

Default: Standard_B2s

location (string)

Azure deployment location

Default: East US

resource_group_name (string)

Specifies the value for the resource group name. If empty, the generated resource_group_name will be bastionid-cluster.


Changing the resource group name causes the whole cluster to rebuild.

server_image_prefix (string)

A common prefix for the server image. You can change it if you want to experiment with your own image. 4

Default: genvidtech

shared_gallery_image_version (string)

SDK Shared Image version, should be only one per Genvid SDK

Default: 1.42.0000

shared_gallery_name (string)

Shared Gallery Name

Default: SDKgallery

shared_gallery_resource_group_name (string)

Shared Gallery Resource Group Name

Default: Genvid

toolbox_location (string)

Genvid Toolbox Wheel file. Only required if you need to update the one from the . An empty value indicates to not install the toolbox.

trusted_cidrs (list(string))


wingame_image_prefix (string)

Prefix of the wingame image.

Default: default



Admin user name


Cloud provider used


List of ‘encoding’ workers public ips


Game workers admin password


Game VMs instances IDs


Azure locations where the game VMs have been instantiated


Game VMs instances names


List of ‘game’ workers public ips


List of ‘internal’ workers public ips


Private key to access the instances


List of ‘public’ workers public ips


The resource group name in which the genvid cluster has been instantiated


List of ‘server’ public ips


In addition to custom tags, Genvid reserves the right to add its own tags on resources. If they are not documented, they are intended to be used by Genvid without any guarantee of backward compatibility.


New in version 1.25.0.


New in version 1.26.0.


New in version 1.27.0.