New in version 1.12.0.





class UGenvidStreams

GenvidStreams is the base class that allows you to stream any game data. It depends directly on UGenvidSession.


virtual void Create()

Create all the defined streams.

virtual void Destroy()

Destroy all the defined streams.

static UGenvidStreams *CreateStreams(...)

Function used to create the Genvid Streams.

void InternalReceiveBeginPlay()

Acts as a superset of the AActor BeginPlay. It’s the first function called when the GenvidStreams class is created.

void InternalReceiveTick(float DeltaSeconds)

Acts as a superset of a tickable UObject. It’s called as long as the object is alive.

void InternalReceiveEndPlay(const EEndPlayReason::Type EndPlayReason)

Acts as a superset of the AActor EndPlay. It’s the last function called when the class is begin destroyed.

void ReceiveMatchHasStarted()

Triggered when entering into a match. It’s called after cpp:func:~UGenvidStreams::BeginPlay and just before the match has started.

void ReceiveMatchHasEnded()

Triggered when exiting a match. (Actors continue ticking.) It’s called just before cpp:func:~UGenvidStreams::EndPlay when the match has ended.

void SubmitGameData(const FString &streamName, const FString &gameData, ...)

Sends gameData associated with the stream name to the Genvid MILE SDK.

void SubmitAnnotation(const FString &streamName, const FString &annotation, ...)

Sends annotation data associated with the stream name to the Genvid MILE SDK.

void SubmitNotification(const FString &streamName, const FString &notification)

Deprecated since version 1.24.0: Use UGenvidSession::SubmitNotification instead.


TArray<FGenvidStream> Streams

Array of structures that contains all the streams you want to create.

bool bCompressJsonString

Compresses the data of your structure from JSON to ZIP.

bool bIsCreated

Read-only variable for reporting if the streams have been created.

class FGenvidStream

A class representing a single data stream.


void TriggerStream(float DeltaTime)

Decide to call OnGenvidStreamDelegate based on the frequency.

void TriggerBeginPlay()

Call the OnBeginPlayDelegate.

void TriggerMatchHasStarted()

Call the OnMatchHasStartedDelegate.

void TriggerMatchHasEnded()

Call the OnMatchHasEndedDelegate.

void TriggerEndPlay()

Call the OnEndPlayDelegate.


FString Name

The name of this stream.

float Framerate

The maximum submission rate for this stream.

FOnGenvidStream OnGenvidStreamDelegate

Delegate called on every Tick if the Framerate is zero, or no more than the frequency.

FOnGenvidStream OnBeginPlayDelegate

Delegate called on the BeginPlay event.

FOnGenvidStream OnMatchHasStartedDelegate

Delegate being called when a new match is started.

FOnGenvidStream OnMatchHasEndedDelegate

Delegate being called when a match has ended.

FOnGenvidStream OnEndPlayDelegate

Delegate being called on the EndPlay event.

class FOnGenvidStream

An Unreal Dynamic Delegate with a FString parameter holding the Name of the stream. Actually declared as:

DECLARE_DYNAMIC_DELEGATE_OneParam(FOnGenvidStream, const FString&, Id)