Fixes in this version

  • [installer] Added support for silent installation using /S.
  • [installer] Added support for disabling installation of dependencies using /python=0, /vs2015=0, /nodejs=0, /tightvnc=0.
  • [sdk] Fixed sending the stream formats twice on first connection between composed and gvencode.
  • [audio] Fixed audio framerate computation that could create a drop in audio quality.
  • [ingest] Fixed memory leak in gvencode when starting and stopping the streaming multiple times.
  • [gvencode] Fixed a desync problem with the source delay.
  • [gvencode] Optimized Chroma Key filter.
  • [metrics] Fixed framesent and framedropped metrics.
  • [studio] Solved an issue preventing the video layout sliders to update their range.
  • [studio] Cleaned up sliders update for smoother UI feedback.
  • [studio] Fixed the audio balance-setting algorithm to not mix left and right channels.
  • [cluster-api] Fixed a bug where parsing the Terraform output to get required fields caused the cluster-api to crash.
  • [bastion-api] Fixed Terraform page to show a cluster’s status as Busy when a Terraform operation is in progress.
  • [bastion-api] Made all string inputs in the Terraform variable-editor support multiline values.