Major changes in this version

Unity Streaming Waiver

Unity Streaming Restrictions will be waived for Unity Projects to the extent such Unity Projects initially use the Genvid SDK for Interactive Streaming from Sept 1, 2018 - Aug 30, 2019, and continue streaming such Unity Project throughout the Streaming Term (Aug 30, 2021). Unity has authorized Genvid to make reference of this Streaming Restriction waiver with Developers that benefit from it. In addition, Unity agrees to directly confirm upon request the existence of this waiver to Developers who would want to obtain such confirmation. All such requests will be addressed to Unity.

Terraform Integration Improvements

We have continued our improvements of Terraform support in the Bastion UI.

  • We now save the state of the Terraform working directory into Consul, allowing greater reliability and flexibility.
  • We added an option for cloning an existing cluster into a new one.
  • A new editor for Terraform variables now includes a description of variables, lists default values, and highlights globally-set variables while letting you override them.
  • You can also download values as a JSON file. You can drag and drop a JSON file into the Terraform variables editor to change multiple values at once.

Broadcast On air in Studio

Broadcasting can be enabled or disabled in the Studio interface with the new Broadcast Widget.

The user can set the default mode on startup with the broadcast/enable Genvid setting. The default (true) is to start broadcasting immediately.

Minor changes and other fixes

  • [sdk] Fixed a race condition in the Frameprocessor related to the Turbo JPEG compressor.
  • [sdk] Fixed a memory runaway in gvencode when starting the services with the game running at a sound level of zero.
  • [sdk] Fixed an error case occuring when submitting video data providing null parameters and no swapchain had been set.
  • [web-sdk] Re-added the genvidMath global symbol in browser distribution.
  • [web-sdk] Made the websocket timeout configurable through the IGenvidConfig class, and set the default value to 30 seconds instead of 1. This could help mitigate some socket disconnection while connecting through multiple proxies, VPN or long distances.
  • [web-sdk] Added the genvidFactory TypeScript definition files and repacked all modules using UMD.
  • [toolbox] Fixed the terraform_init method in the Toolbox (Clusters.terraform_init as well as the genvid-clusters terraform-init command) which was always applied to all clusters.
  • [terraform] Removed the NAT gateway creation from the basic cluster setup.
  • [ingest] Improved stability and decreased Ingest’s lag when there’s network congestion.
  • [bastion-api] bastion/terraform/instances/{instanceId}/tfvars/default now takes into account the Global Settings in the default values.
  • [bastion-ui] In the Terraform configuration command page, the buttons are now properly reflecting the commands.
  • [bastion-ui] In the Terraform configuration command page, the scroll bar of the module selection will not disappear anymore if you click on the down arrow.
  • [bastion-ui] In the Terraform page, other configurations now properly display their backend and status.
  • [unity build] Fixed a python script to copy a new folder created by the build system of Unity 2018.
  • [unity prefab] Added a checkbox to display more logs about the Genvid SDK in the console.
  • [ue4 rest api] Updated the UE4 Rest API to have more data available.
  • [studio] Fixed the problems freezing the video monitor.
  • [studio] Optimized composition for 1080p/60FPS.
  • [studio] Offset on sources now support a value between -10 and 10 seconds. Several optimizations have been made to be frame accurate on both audio and video.
  • [studio-ui] Navigation has been improved. When Studio-UI is restarted, the user will be directed to the last active dashboard.
  • [unity sample] Fixed the Admin page not showing up the data when using YouTube.
  • [tick sample] Made the download and setup commands of the TICK sample more verbose.
  • [statsd] The services will now dynamically reconnect to statsd when statsd changes its address.