GenvidStatus Genvid_SubmitVideoData(const GenvidTimecode timecode, const char *streamID, const void *videoData, const int videoDataSize)

Sends a video frame explicitly using videoDataSize bytes of videoData.

The video-data format must be specified before calling this routine. See Genvid_SetParameterInt() for more information.

When automatic video source capture is used, videoData must be set to NULL and videoDataSize is ignored. See Genvid_SetParameterPointer() for more information.

Using -1 instead of a timecode value calls Genvid_GetCurrentTimecode() and uses that value for timecode.

It returns one of the following values:

GenvidStatus_UninitializedSDK: The Genvid library was not initialized before calling it.

GenvidStatus_InvalidState: The asynchronous handler was not initialized.

GenvidStatus_InvalidImageFormat: The image format is not supported.

GenvidStatus_InvalidParameter: The stream streamID was not found.

GenvidStatus_Success: The operation completed properly.