Unreal Engine Genvid Module


The Genvid Module is a standard Unreal Engine module which you can drop in your Unreal Engine 4 or 5 project to quickly get started with the Genvid MILE SDK.

The Genvid Module is basically the high-level parts of the GenvidPlugin. It provides a couple of predefined events and routines that you can use in Blueprint and/or your C++ code.

It is located at /engine-integration/ue4/Genvid

We highly recommend you use the GenvidPlugin and the Genvid Module together for many reasons:

  • Dynamic loading/unloading of the Plugin.
  • Easy On/Off switch for the Plugin.
  • Automatic Audio/Video streaming.
  • Predefined events and callback
  • Blueprint script.

Files Details

UE4 Genvid Module

Needed to integrate the Genvid Module inside the Unreal Engine build process.


Contains the public declaration of the classes in the Genvid Module.


Implementation of the classes in the UE4 Genvid module.