Twitch Extension Development Sample

In this section, we describe the process of developing a Twitch Extension for the Genvid MILE SDK using our DirectX Sample. As we explain in the Twitch Streaming Using Twitch Extensions section, the Twitch Extension replaces a standalone website as the container for the Genvid overlay.


You can also use a Twitch Extension with the Cube Samples for either Unreal Engine 4 or the Unity Engine. Use the setup directions for the specific engine you want, rather than the steps in this section for the DirectX version. Please keep in mind that you need the Web Sample running as well as it assumes the backend role of the Twitch extension.

See the Twitch Developers website for more detailed information about creating Twitch Extensions.


Like the Web Sample, the Twitch extension lets viewers:

  • Change a cube’s color.
  • Reset the position of a cube.
  • Cause a popularity change for a cube by “cheering”.

Through the command API, the Twitch Broadcaster can:

  • Change a cube’s speed.
  • Change a cube’s direction.
  • Reset a cube’s position.