class genvid.toolbox.CertificateGenerator(vault_tool: genvid.toolbox.vault.VaultTool, mount_point='pki')

Bases: object

Class that contains the business logic for managing ssl certificates using Vault pki engine.

NAME = 'CertificateGenerator'
DESCRIPTION = 'Business logic for for managing ssl certificates using Vault pki engine.'
DEFAULT_PKI_ROLE = 'sslrole'
generate_ssl(domain='', outputdir='', role='sslrole')

Generates ssl certificate

  • domain – Domain for which the certificate is set up.
  • outputdir – Absolute path where the certificates are saved.
  • role – A hvac pki role to use for the certificate.
class ssl.CertificateGenerator

Implementation of genvid.toolbox.CertificateGenerator