Managing the AMI

Other commands and options are available with the genvid-ami script. There are some which are particularly helpful for managing the AMI:


In most of those commands, the AMI ID (in the form ami-1234abcd) is used instead of the AMI name to allow manipulating different versions of the AMI. Use the list command to find it based on the AMI prefix and type.


genvid-ami rename [ami-id] [new-prefix]

Use this command to copy the saved AMI and save it with a new prefix. Your team can use the AMI with the new prefix to launch preconfigured clusters.


genvid-ami copy [ami-id] [region1] [region2] ...

This command copies the AMI to different regions. To see the name of the valid regions, you can run:

aws ec2 describe-regions --query "Regions[].RegionName" --output text


This command lists all AMI IDs and the AMI names of all the wingame AMIs of the current version that have the prefix myprefix:

genvid-ami list --prefix myprefix --output "{} {}" wingame

You can use this to find your AMI ID if you forget it.


This command allows you to delete both the AMIs and their snapshots. The following examples show how to delete all AMIs from a previous version of the SDK.

REM Under Command Prompt
genvid-ami list --prefix '*' --version 1.12.0 --output "{}" wingame > todelete.txt
genvid-ami --loglevel INFO delete @todelete.txt --dryrun
# Under powershell
genvid-ami list --prefix '*' --version 1.12.0 --output "{}" wingame | out-file -encoding ascii todelete.txt
genvid-ami --loglevel INFO delete '@todelete.txt' --dryrun


Use the --dryrun option to test your command without actually deleting any AMIs. When you’ve confirmed you’re deleting only the AMIs you want to, remove the --dryrun option.

managing permissions

You can manage the launch permission of the AMI using the describe-permissions and modify-permissions commands. The following example show how to give another account the permission to use an AMI.

genvid-ami modify-permissions {ami_id} {account_id}

See also

game_ami_owners variable in the Terraform Modules.