New in version 1.12.0.

class UGenvidVideo

This is the base class that allows you to stream any video data. It depends directly on UGenvidSession.


virtual void Create()

Create the video stream and start the video capture.

virtual void Destroy()

Stop the video capture and destroy the video stream.

static UGenvidVideo *CreateVideo(...)

Function used to create the Video.

virtual void SetFrameRate(float FrameRate)

Set the video framerate information in the Genvid MILE SDK.

virtual float GetFrameRate()

Get the video framerate set in the Genvid MILE SDK.


enum EGenvidVideoMode

All the video modes.

class UTexture

Base class used to store graphical data information.

FString StreamName

Identification name used to stream the video.

enum EGenvidVideoMode VideoMode

Select which video mode to use.

UTexture *VideoSource

Select the video data source to stream.

bool bIsCreated

Read-only variable for reporting if the audio has been created.