New in version 1.12.0.

class UGenvidEvents

The base class that allows you to recent Scalable Event Channels from the Genvid Stack.


virtual void Create()

Subscribe to all events defined in this instance.

virtual void Destroy()

Unsubscribe to all events on the instance destruction.

static UGenvidEvents *CreateEvents(...)

Factory for UGenvidEvents instances.

void InternalReceiveBeginPlay()

Acts as a superset of the AActor BeginPlay. It’s the first function called when the UGenvidEvents class is created.


TArray<FGenvidEvent> Events

A list of FGenvidEvent to subscribe to.

bool bIsCreated

Read-only variable for reporting if the events have been successfully subscribed to.

class FGenvidEvent

This class hold the name of the event to subscribe and its delegate.


FString Name

The name of the event to subscribe.

FOnGenvidEvent OnGenvidEventDelegate
Display Name:Delegate

The delegate to call when the event is received.

class FOnGenvidEvent

An Unreal Dynamic Delegate with two parameters:

The delegate is actually declared this way:

DECLARE_DYNAMIC_DELEGATE_TwoParams(FOnGenvidEvent, const FString&, eventName, const FGenvidEventSummary&, summary)