As Python environments are becoming more complex due to multiple dependencies, you might encounter cases where one package will conflict with another. A solution is to create virtual environments for different projects, allowing them to install their dependencies without impacting other projects. If you encounter conflicts when installing the toolbox, or if you just want to work in a more contained environment, we suggest you create a virtual environment.

usage: [-h] [-u] [-p] [--non-interactive] [--no-install] [-x [EXTRA [EXTRA ...]] | --no-extra]

Positional Arguments

package The package to install. Default is to find one in the current directory.

Named Arguments

-u, --user

install in user mode

Default: False

-p, --add-path

Automatically add location to path if needed

Default: False


Do not ask any question

Default: False


Don’t do an installation.

Default: False

-x, --extra

Possible choices: aws, azure, legacy

Extras to install with the toolbox genvid-toolbox. Default to [aws, azure].

Default: [aws, azure]


Don’t install any extra.

Default: False