Tool for generating a bug report.

usage: genvid-bugreport [-h] [--loglevel {DEBUG,INFO,WARNING,ERROR}] [--logformat LOGFORMAT] [-c CLUSTER_ID]
                        {broadcast} ...

Positional Arguments

command Possible choices: broadcast

Named Arguments


Possible choices: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR

Set the script log level

--logformat Set the script log format
-c, --cluster_id

The cluster id. If not set with the command line, uses the environment variable GENVID_CLUSTER_ID if it exists. Otherwise defaults to ‘local’

Default: “local”



Generate bug report for a broadcast problem.

genvid-bugreport broadcast [-h] [-n ALLOCATIONS]

Named Arguments

-n, --allocations
 Number of allocations (starting with the latest) that will be included in the bug report.


When you run genvid-bugreport, it generates a zip file ( and saves it in the directory you were in when you ran the script.