Genvid Video

The GenvidVideo prefab object defines the video capture from your game for your broadcast session. Only one GenvidVideo object is accepted per GenvidSession. This object contains various properties you must set to perform the capture in the way you prefer:

Genvid Video inspector view
Stream Name
The name of the video stream. Make sure to use a unique name compared to the other streams used in your application.
The framerate of the video stream. Make sure to set a compatible value (30 or 60).
Capture Type

The type of video capture to use. Options in the selectable list are: Automatic and Texture. Change from one capture type to another during runtime is not supported currently.

  • Automatic performs a video capture using the dxswapchain.
  • Texture performs a video capture via the texture or camera indicated in the Video Source property.
Video Source

This property is a private game object that will be used for the Texture video capture type. If you need to change to another camera or texture during runtime, you can use a command similar to this:

GenvidSessionManager.Instance.Session.VideoStream.VideoSource = newVideoSource;