Standalone Streaming

The standalone-streaming option is a convenient way to provide and consume an A/V stream without configuring a live-streaming account. The Genvid Studio Service also uses this streaming mode.

Standalone streaming uses a local environment to provide the services you would host on a separate server in a production situation. It’s set up as the default streaming-mode, so you don’t need to create a configuration file to use it.

See the Streaming Services section for information about creating custom configuration files for your production environment.


We recommend using Chrome when testing using standalone streaming.

Standalone Streaming in Firefox

When using Firefox for standalone streaming, we recommend using at least version 56.

You must enable readable streams for the standalone player to work properly. After starting Firefox:

  1. Select about:config.
  2. Change dom.streams.enabled to True.
  3. Change javascript.options.streams to True.