Next Steps

The Game Integration Guide describes the basics of setting up to integrate the Genvid SDK with your project. The Next Steps section covers the most common ways to start your integration.

Review the Integration Steps

There are two distinct parts to a Genvid SDK integration:

  • Integrating the SDK with your game.
  • Creating a custom website to use data generated from your game.

The Engine Integration section describes in-depth the steps of integrating the Genvid SDK with any application.

The Website Integration section does the same for creating a custom website for displaying a stream which includes Genvid functionality.

If you want to dig into the details of a full Genvid SDK integration, these are the sections to go to next.

If you’d like to see more examples of how the Genvid SDK integrates with different types of projects, we include samples of three different types of projects you can review.

Review the DirectX Sample Integration

Once you’ve run the DirectX Sample, you can review how we integrated Genvid with the sample application and website. This provides a general view of how the SDK works with a typical game.

Review the Unreal Sample Integrations

The Genvid SDK includes a plugin for Unreal Engine 4. This is a standard plugin which you can drop into your UE4 game and quickly start working with Genvid.

You can also review sample engine- and website-integrations which cover more details specific to UE4 applications. If you’re working with UE4 and want to jump directly into how to integrate Genvid with your project, this is a good place to start.

The Genvid SDK includes both and Unreal Engine 4 version of the Cube Sample and an integration with Unreal Tournament.

Review the Unity Sample Integrations

The Genvid SDK includes a prefab for the Unity engine. Although it is technically a beta version of the prefab, it is fully functional. You can use it to quickly add Genvid to your Unity project and start using the features.

You can also review a sample engine- and website-integration which cover more details specific to Unity applications.

Create your Genvid Project Configuration

This section covers linking your website and game together with configuration files and Python scripts. Some steps may be optional as using this sytem with your project isn’t required.

The page Nomad Templates covers creating a Nomad template to use for your game.

Each project has their own python file which controls which files to copy, how to build the project, and which configuration files to load:

Feel free to reuse these scripts and modify them for the needs of your own project.