Streaming Services


Beginning with version 66, Google Chrome has an updated policy regarding video autoplay which affects all players. Videos will not automatically start playing unless the website meets the Google autoplay policy. See Google Chrome Autoplay Support for more information on how to handle this on your website.


The first thing you need to configure before streaming is a live stream account from a streaming service.

For development purposes, you also have the standalone streaming option, which is available by default.

The configuration for a streaming service requires the following information:

  • The name of the service for the stream. (For now, it can be youtube, standalone, or twitch.)
  • The address of the streaming server (usually starting with rtmp://)
  • The name of the channel.
  • The private key for the stream.

This configuration can be set in a configuration file, usually named with an .hcl extension.

Once the configuration is done, you can load it using one of these commands:

  • For your local cluster: genvid-sdk load-config myconfigfile.hcl
  • For your cloud cluster: genvid-sdk -c clusterName load-config myconfigfile.hcl