Local Environment

The local environment aims to provide an easy way to develop and test your application, while still being very close to the actual production setup. For this purpose, we provide a configuration of our set of services that can be run next to the game. We still require being connected to a live-streaming service so that you can check for the actual latency between your game and the client view, as well as test your web code with the actual live-streaming viewer of the chosen service.

The main differences between the local-only version and the production version are the following:

  • No scalability support
  • No support for direct hardware encoding
  • The services are launched in an unsecure environment

Other than that, these are the same services that would be run on the production servers.

Installation of the Toolbox

The local environment is using different scripts and most of them are installed from the Python Toolbox package. Since only a single package version can be installed at a time, you must install this package by running the install-toolbox.py command in your SDK installation folder. You must perform this package installation every time you install a new SDK:

py install-toolbox.py --user

You can also install it system wide by removing the --user argument but it will require elevated privileges. After the installation, the script will check if the scripts are correctly installed and part of your PATH. If not part for your PATH, it will offer you to do so for you or tell you which path to add to your environment. You can also consult the Using Python on Windows page as well as the Installing Package tutorial page for more information.


Previous version of the SDK installed the package automatically, but also uninstalled the currently installed version on deinstallation even if the installed package is a different version. If you uninstall such a package, you have to run this script again.

A future version of the Genvid SDK will seperate the version of the SDK from the one of the tools, which will greatly ease the management of multiple versions.