Where clause

The Where clauses of paired Map or Reduce functions share the same specification and filter inputs like other query systems.

Where schema

Specifies the conditions for matching key:value pairs. Possible conditions include:

  • key: The array of strings.
  • <anyText>: Any string is valid, but the result can be referenced later using this tag.
  • type: The string type.
  • name: The tag name of the value.
  • $in: The value must match one item in the array.
  • $search: The value must contain the search string.
  • $searchIn: The value must contain at least one of the listed strings.
  • $caseSensitive: Modifies a search to be case sensitive.
  • $eq: Equals.
  • $neq: Doesn’t equal.
  • $gt: Greater than.
  • $gte: Greater than or equal to.
  • $lt: Less than.
  • $lte: Less than or equal to.
  • $or: The value must match at least one where clause in an array of where clauses.