October 12, 2022

Streaming Interactivity Tier 2: Focused

Welcome to the possibilities of focused streaming interactivity. In the previous article, we looked at how an informed viewer becomes engaged. We’re going to explore here what happens when the interactivity is turned up.

A big challenge for shows, events and spectacles of all types is being limited to a single output. No matter how beautiful or perfect the setup, some viewers will not get the content they want because a decision needs to be made that favors one type of viewer over another.

Here’s the good news – with Genvid’s technology and some work, it is possible to offer a catered native experience—with no custom clients necessary to reach viewers of every familiarity and interest level, reducing friction for a global audience using any video-capable connected device – an audience of billions.

A car race, with a menu to pick different camera angles and a general audience chat, exemplifying the second type of streaming interactivity; focused

This isn’t dissimilar to pay-per-view TV models allowing for additional coverage and broadcast views of the event. Maybe the viewer is a fan of a specific player and the action focuses more on them during the course of a competitive match. Or, what if you could pay to get a user interface branded after your favorite team? Then, moving away from a sports / esports analogy, what if you could activate a feature like a pet that hangs out with you for the duration of the show?

Specific driver's view in a race, with a menu to pick other camera angles and a chat box dedicated to that driver's fans, showcasing a streaming interactivity tier two feature; focused.

Friction would be minimized in a shop that allows already focused viewers to purchase digital items without moving away from the streaming experience they care about. But that is not the only monetization model possible.

In broadcasts, it is commonplace to have sponsors or advertisers help support the event and ensure its existence. Using the Genvid MILE SDK tools available at this tier, viewers can be neatly targeted doing advertisements in-video or in-overlay that is tailored to the individual, putting them in front of the brands that make sense to them.

This focused in-between type of streaming interactivity has a wide possibility space. It contains strong monetization potential, the ability to create multiple shows in one and is generally quite open to ideation given that it targets spectators very directly without affecting the core experience that they are watching.

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