December 6, 2021


We’re excited to announce a brand new entry into the pantheon of
gaming history, PAC-MAN™ COMMUNITY, which is starting its beta
test today.

PAC-MAN COMMUNITY is the first title published by Genvid Entertainment. Produced in partnership with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. and developer Early Cross, it is exclusively available on Facebook Gaming as an Instant Game. This new adaptation of the dot-munching arcade classic is designed to create rich social experiences between the global audience on Facebook, and is an early example of Facebook Gaming’s “Play Watch Connect” framework.

PAC-MAN COMMUNITY is free, available on any device where you can access Facebook Gaming with no installation. It runs in 60 fps and full HD, and is available in eight languages. (Be sure to set graphical quality to HIGH in the settings for the best visual experience.)

PAC-MAN COMMUNITY has many ways to play together with others, integrating the latest gaming concepts and offering glimpses at the intertwined future of games, communities and streaming.

First, you can PLAY real-time multiplayer in with up to 4 players per match, via quick match or by inviting your friends. PAC-MAN
COMMUNITY lets you play endlessly through a mix of pre-selected mazes and mazes created by the community, which increases in speed the further you progress. You can also host or play quick matches on player created mazes.

Play incredible creations from the community in real-time

Second, you can CREATE your own mazes in the Maze Creator mode, and share them with the community on Facebook. We’ll be picking the best mazes to highlight, and in the future letting you make playlists to share with your friends and personal communities.

Check out the latest amazing mazes, or make your own

Third, you can stream PAC-MAN COMMUNITY on Facebook Gaming and share a link directly on your stream, letting your communities join your match instantly via any supported device.

Audience members can instantly play on their iPhones, Android or Desktop

Fourth, you can participate in the a new type of arcade experience in WATCH, a 24/7 massively interactive live event (MILE) that pulls mazes from the community and renders them in 3D, letting the audience power up an AI PAC-MAN™ and AI ghosts to see who wins. As we all, together, unlock achievements (available later this year), we’ll be earning new experiences in the Maze Creator mode.

Facebook Plays PAC-MAN

Finally, if you just want to play classic PAC-MAN arcade, it’s there too. With worldwide rankings available both for classic and for our multiplayer mode you can test yourself against the best. (You can connect a joystick or controller on your PC to play if you prefer, just use a mapping app to bind keyboard commands.)

And much more is coming. In the near future we’ll be featuring streamers on the WATCH button and letting the community play with them in new ways. 

We’re starting in beta to tweak gameplay and multiplayer servers, so please give us feedback if you run into issues. 

We have a year’s worth of features and updates planned for PAC-MAN COMMUNITY and we’re excited to evolve it together with you, the players, your friends, and the rest of the world. 

Play PAC-MAN COMMUNITY now! And please note that it is a beta, so be sure to report bugs or other issues to us on the Facebook page. 

P.S. Be sure to crank up the volume for BIG BAND PAC, the new theme song made especially for PAC-MAN COMMUNITY recorded with a live big band in Japan. It will get stuck in your head for days.