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Create massive interactive live events

Genvid enables game developers, media platforms and sports broadcasters to create rich interactive streams for their audience

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Genvid’s tools and services let you create immersive, interactive streams on major platforms or your own

Deliver the Best Spectator Experience

Today’s viewing audiences want to feel like they’re part of the action. Using Genvid, you can unleash the true potential of your existing spectator capabilities. The power of the cloud authors a premium and immersive spectator experience.

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Interactive Video

What special item was that? Your viewers want to know. With Genvid, you can export priceless game-data in real-time, and empower viewers to touch and instantly display player and game information, further enhancing their spectating experience.

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Customized Experiences for Every Viewer

From rookie to veteran, we all have different areas of interest. Genvid-enabled streams empower viewers upgrade from today’s static “baked-in” UI to dynamic formats better reflecting their individual preferences.

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Reach the right people with targeted ads

Today’s in-stream ads are far from perfect, and may not be reaching the right people. Genvid enables embedding of highly targeted ads and marketing elements, customizable down to the individual, improving both engagement and viewer satisfaction.

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Broadcast compelling livestreams that increase fan engagement and drive new revenue

Broadcast Your Way

We support your preferred streaming platforms, server hosting infrastructure and game engines.

Create New Experiences

We allow game developers to create brand new interactive experiences for today’s viewers and players alike.

Own Your Data

We enable game developers to better understand their viewers and cater to their needs in real-time.

Unlock Opportunities

We enable game developers to see viewers as customers; monetizable even when not playing.

Getting Started

We have worked hard to distill more than 100 years of combined gaming and broadcast industry experience into an easy to use toolkit. How does it work? Where do I start? You’re sure to have many questions. Check out our comprehensive documentation or download the complete SDK and take your first step toward creating brand new, compelling streaming experiences.

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Genvid can work with your custom engine as well. See our integration guide in the SDK. Don’t see your engine? Contact Us

Access our developer portal for resources to help you get started with Genvid


Given the right tools, game developers will be able to generate massive value for themselves and all of their customers (be they players or viewers alike). We pride ourselves in being 100% performance based- we offer reasonable licensing structures to kick off this new age of awesome streaming experiences

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