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How it Works
1. Acquire

Contact us in order to access to the Genvid SDK and its UE4 and Unity plugins. You can request a demo, or use the samples in the Genvid SDK to try it for yourself! The SDK is free to download, evaluate and implement, and our licensing models are flexible.

2. Integrate

The Genvid SDK is easy to use and provides a C interface, which can automatically capture your game content (audio and video), encode it properly (e.g. H264), and stream it to a service (e.g. YouTube).

The Genvid SDK also provides routines to send additional game data to spectators (e.g. scores, player profiles, chances of success, etc.), as well as hooks to receive commands coming from them. You’ll be able to connect those data streams to your existing web interfaces, enabling real-time highlighting of the game scene.

The Genvid SDK further provides a JavaScript API as well as some HTML5 templates to help developers create the best possible interactive video streaming experience.

Finally, we also offer a custom tailored service to answer particular needs developers might have with any of the previously-mentioned elements.

3. Deploy

Next, deploy your game to GPU-enabled servers. We support AWS today, and can support other needs (Azure, proprietary) as necessary.

Because spectator clients are deployed to the cloud, we provide a comprehensive set of tools that will help developers deploy, monitor, and control games running in a cloud infrastructure as well as the machine images to run the Genvid Services on the cloud.

4. Launch

Go live. Once launched, Genvid handles the streaming of your game from the server to the livestreaming platform.

Take Your Games to the Next Level

Our SDK is FREE to download and integrate. Contact us today for more information.