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How it Works

Genvid Technologies provides an SDK for game developers to integrate into their games and allows game developers to make revolutionary broadcasts. We are a simple-to-use middleware, flexible enough to run on any streaming platform and infrastructure that you want us to run on.

Today’s game and eSports broadcasts have a lot of problems. The camera angle is primarily that of the player, and the video has lost all of its interactivity. Additionally, viewers are reliant upon chat to communicate.

With our SDK, you (the game developer and/or broadcaster) will be able to easily create premium broadcasts that offer many different camera deployments to make your game look exciting and take advantage of your engine data to make your game fully interactive over popular livestreaming platforms.

These broadcasts will lead to new revenue through video roll, campaigns, and even IAP through the streams that you manage. Our SDK takes care of many of the obstacles, like network and server deployment, to let game developers focus on making their games awesome to watch.

Genvid focuses on viewers rather than players, with every viewer sharing a single stream.

While players require full control over the game camera, for viewers, fully interactive means a shared camera, and the ability to directly interact with the video that they are watching.

Through the Genvid SDK, for the first time, viewers can click on/tap/interact with objects in the scene as though they were spectating in-engine. You, the developer, control the camera (either automated or manually).

This is radically different than cloud gaming: a cloud gaming system generates a camera for each player to control, requires ultra-low latency and takes up a lot of GPUs. Genvid doesn’t require many GPUs, and synchronizes to high-latency systems.

As a result, developers using the Genvid SDK are able to go way beyond the type of interactivity you get through chat or keyboard command parsing. We’re synchronizing the data from the engine to each individual viewer!

We have focused on making integration as simple as possible: Genvid’s SDK has done all the heavy lifting.

Today, Genvid supports Unreal Engine 4 as a plugin, and will soon also support Unity as a plugin. If you have a proprietary engine, we have a guide for how to integrate our system through our C SDK.

First, you’ll need a spectator mode of your game into which you’ll integrate Genvid.

From there, you’ll need access to your game engine to integrate our SDK, and a website onto which to build your interactivity. You’ll embed your video stream into the website and build the interactivity over the stream.

Only if you want viewers the ability to directly affect the player’s gameplay, like viewers sending gifts to players. Otherwise, Genvid can exist in a separate branch of your spectator mode builds without needing to be maintained in your retail builds.

Please note that Genvid is not intended for your viewers to stream from.

At this time, Genvid is intended for you as the developer to operate, rather a system that player-streamers operate.

The Genvid SDK has two main parts: the C SDK that you integrate into your engine, and a Web SDK that you’ll use to build the website into which you’ll offer your interactive functionality.

Today we support AWS, and can easily support Azure and GCE. If you have proprietary infrastructure needs, that is not a problem either. Contact us.

The costs of managing the infrastructure are actually quite low. You can run the servers 24/7 for the entire month and server costs will remain extremely low. And the expensive video bandwidth is handled by the livestreaming platform (not you!).

The current SDK has YouTube integration. We can support other players as you wish.

The SDK is free to try and free to implement. We charge a small licensing fee based on the new revenues you’ve generated from your broadcast. Contact us for more information.

Take Your Games to the Next Level

Our SDK is FREE to download and integrate. Contact us today for more information.