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About Genvid

Genvid Technologies was founded in 2016 by a team of video game industry veterans with a vision to revolutionize the way games are watched. We have honed our craft over the course of years, learning how to develop and operate games in datacenters, how to handle the complexities of game streaming, how to build the best experiences for game engines, how to partner with great publishers and tech platforms, and how to make the best broadcast tools in the business.

Our technologies are built for game developers and broadcasting companies looking for tools tailored for video games. We are the first developer-oriented broadcast technology, integrated with game engines.

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Our Vision

Although game viewing, including eSports, is already a massive business, we believe that the current method of broadcast is still in its infancy. There are two big problems: 1) The camera is still that of the players, and 2) Games, which are fundamentally interactive pieces of content, lose all their interactivity when encoded into to video.


As our CEO has said in the past, you don’t watch baseball from the perspective of a GoPro camera strapped to the player’s back, so why are we watching video games that way? Similar to how broadcast evolved from radio to television, we need a new form of broadcast for games. Genvid’s technology will lead the way: methods of easy deployment of many spectator cameras, taking advantage of the information that is in a given frame.

This connects to the second half our vision: returning interactivity into game streams. Every frame of a game that is generated has information on what is in its frame. This is information that we have never had before with any broadcast medium, and we throw it away with the encode. Genvid returns that information to every individual viewer, and allows them to customize their viewing experience.


Our Team

Our founding team all worked together in leadership and technical positions at Square Enix and its subsidiary Shinra Technologies. Together we have decades of experience in game development and publishing.

Genvid’s business team is based in New York, while its development team is based in Montréal. If you’d like to join our development team, take a look at our Careers page. We are hiring engineers.

Our Investors

Genvid is happy to be venture-backed backed by two amazing teams:



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